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Enviro-EZE Transport has taken the initiative over the years to embrace technology and use it to our advantage. With our Driver In cab Units (DIU), Performance Monitoring, electronic Hours of Service (HOS), GPS Tracking and Truckmate by TMW we are able to plan our routes with customer satisfaction and efficiency being our main goal.

Driver In Cab Unit (DIU)



We have based our system from the MCP/IVG platform from Omnitracs to help us improve our efficiency, productivity and safety.

Main Benefits

  • Lower operational cost
  • GPS Tracking for fleet
  • Driver Safety
  • Constant communication with Dispatch staff

Performance Monitoring


We use Performance monitoring to track and correct Fuel Efficiency and driver behavior. By Tracking items such as Over Idling, Excess Speed, Over Revving and some other items we are able to pin point where we have room for improvement and catching small errors before they become a bigger issue.


Driver HOS (Hours of Service)


With the DIU the driver is able to go about his day without having to worry about completing his log. The DIU is able to keep track of every stop and start time, keeping the driver logs up to date and eliminating the possibility of human error.



GPS Tracking


Along with the Omnitracs System comes the capability to track our trucks whenever and where ever they are. This proves to be invaluable when it comes to route planning, efficiency and customer service. By being able to see our trucks at any time we are able to plan routes accordingly to meet our customers specific time sensitive needs.


Truckmate by TMW


Truckmate by TMW allows us to dispatch our trucks on a real time basis and keep up with the fast paced environment of LTL transportation. Dispatchers are easily able to communicate the drivers loads to them, giving all of their pickup and delivery information with the touch of a button.