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With our diverse fleet combined of over 35 trucks and 40 trailers, we are sure to be able to meet our customers needs.

Our Fleet

Equipment Description Length Payload
Van Body Straight Truck

Our Van Body straight trucks are great for moving around the city and servicing our LTL customers.
28'30,500 lbs
Sliding Tarp System Straight Truck

Our sliding tarp trucks allow us to pickup weather sensitive loads and have them covered quickly and efficiently without the hassle of physical tarps
28'30,000 lbs
Wingliner Straight Truck

Our wingliners are specially designed and built to be used with our LTL freight. With the ability and ease to deliver and pickup any freight in any order is a bonus in saving our customers time and money.
28'28,000 Lbs
Van Trailer53'48,000 lbs
Quad Axle Van53'80,000 lbs
Sliding System Trailer53'48,000 lbs
Quad Axle Sliding System48'85,000 lbs
Step Deck

With our step decks we are able to take loads that are 10' 6" in height.
Upper Deck-11'
Lower Deck-42'
60,000 lbs